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  • 09-2018 Introduction of the Project and Participating Countries
  • 10-2018 Me, My Family & My School
  • 11-2018 My Daily Life
  • 12-2018 New Year Cards
  • 01-2019 Tourist Attractions in My Region




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  • 02-2019 Let's Discover Our School Traditions
  • 03-2019 Different Meliodies in Different Ears
  • 04-2019 Provebs in Pictures
  • 3RD MOBILITY : POLAND/ 12-18 MAY 2019
  • 05-2019 Youth and Sports Day
  • 06-2019 Mid-Term Evaluation
  • 4TH MOBILITY : GREECE/ 29 SEPT.-05 OCTO. 2019
  • 09-2019 Poems of the Partnership



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  • 10-2019 Let's Draw a Picture!
  • 11-2019 Heroes in the History of My Country
  • 12-2019 Handcrafts as Presents for the Partner Peers
  • 02-2020 Let's Sing a Song altogether!
  • 03-2020 Quiz Show
  • 04-2020 My Favorite Book
  • 05-2020 Evaluation Time & Happy End


Project Partners


Recep Tayyip Erdogan Science and Social Sciences Anatolian High School is located in the picturesque area of the countryside. It was establed in 2017. It is in Nevşehir located on the central Anatolian region in Turkey. Nevşehir has got beautiful, historical and touristic places with its natural heritage such as Cappadocia. Cappadocia means ‘Land of the Beautiful Horses’. There are fascinating fairy chimneys, open air museums, valleys, ancient churches and breathtaking castles hereIt has got a new and modern building with 60 students and 15 teachers. The students are between 14 and 18 years old. Our school has got 24 classes, a music class, an art class, a library, three science labs, a project workshop, a conference hall, a gym, a dining hall, an infirmary and a large garden.

Our school aims to promote the study of classical languages and promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills in literature, historical - philosophical that allow the access to a heritage of civilization and traditions in which we recognize our roots. It offers the students its global training, a wide horizon of choices for university studies. The missions of our school are driving the students to acquire and develop a scientific mind, in particular through the study of mathematics with its languages and models, and sciences, with their method experimental. It ensures, through the study of the humanities, the acquisition of bases and tools essential to achieve a comprehensive view of the historical realities and expressions culture of human society.                  


We have a project team dealing with national, international and European projects in the school. The projects we are interested in are related to disadvantageous groups such as handicapped students, refugees and migrants, ICT methodology and skills, new approaches in language education, health and environmental issues, ethics and values education, youth and sports. Especially we increase the school inclusion and the right to education of students with Special Eucation School through special training courses for teachers and individualized and customized courses for the students, with the support and collaboration of the social, health and educational services. Our school has participated in eTwinning projects named ''Peace at home peace in the world'' , ''Türkü türkü Türkiyem'' and ''Digiventure Teens'' and won three eTwinning National Quality Labels and one European Quality Label.


Fitnat TAVACI – The English Teacher and Project Expert


E-mail : fitnattavaci@hotmail.com




The school is situated in a community that mostly consists of people who get their living from agriculture and small-scale factories or who work in the service sector. It is a mixed secondary school. The pupils of the school come not only from Vidin but also from neighboring villages. Because of the recession throughout the industrialized world,many of the small and mid-ranged companies in the area, like around the country and  the world,have been forced to cut back on the number of employees. So unemployment in the area is rather high and we have many unemployed parents andit reflects upon the school society. Many parents went abroad in search for work and their children are taken care of by their grandparents, who can’t do it so properly like their mother and father. They mostly take care rather of their living conditions than of educating. There are pupils with special educational needs in our school. Support teachers work with them individually in the support room and they study in the classrooms too with the other pupils. There are 400 students and 42 teachers in our school. We have got a big gym, a theatre, a media room and a conference room.



The 2nd upper secondary school of Nea Ionia-Volos is located in the Nea Ionia suburb of the town of Volos in central Greece. Volos is located almost halfway between Athens and Thessaloniki on Greek mainland and is a port city- departure spot of the Argonautic expedition. Our school is a general secondary school with 32 staff and more than 300 students- medium sized for Greek standards. Age range of our students is from 14-15 to 18 years.

We are in the same building complex with a vocational upper secondary school and we share part of the facilities, like the conference and theatre room as well as the gymnastics hall.

Both Greece and Greek society have undergone a transformation in the last 30 years and those changes are reflected in our school which, when founded in 1985, was a pilot school, very innovative for that time. Not any more though.

Recession has hit the area hard and the unemployment figures have risen in the last few years, as one after the other big factories closed in the town’s industrial zone. Due to lack of a better option in the job market, pupils tend to continue their studies, hoping for a better future.

Teachers in school form now a young team of enthusiastic and committed people who try to do their best and give their all in a difficult situation, when all one hears is about economic and social crisis and spending cuts.

We receive students from two lower secondary schools in the area. The first one is located in a working class district in the town centre whilst the second is in a newly built area in the suburbs. Therefore our students´ background is extremely varied. Still, the majority of our students generally come from low and middle socioeconomic status families, so they are deprived from getting to know other cultures in their natural and social environment.

An Erasmus+ project is a good opportunity for them to improve their communicative and personal skills. We believe that it is a unique experience for students to broaden their minds and horizons. The students could learn what it means to be a citizen of Europe and understand multicultural societies.



Complex of Technical Schools No. 1 (ZST) is located in Chorzów, Silesia. The complex was created in 1961 on the basis of a mining school. Since then, the school has undergone a number of transformations stemming largely from the changes in the Polish educational system and from socioeconomic environment. Particularly in recent years there have been many continuous education profiles adaptations to the labour market. Currently more than 320 pupils aged 16-20, attend ZST (80% are boys). There are:

25 – general subjects teachers

25 - vocational subjects teachers 5 – foreign language teachers 20 - administration and support staff

There are 55 teachers of general and vocational subjects in the ZST. It is an experienced and highly qualified teaching staff.

The aim of the school is to educate our students in different vocational professions and to prepare students for the variety of future technical jobs.

The school includes an Electronic Technical School and a Vocational School. Currently the ZST has 14 branches. Technical school includes such professions as: an IT technician, an electronic technician, an advertisement technician and an underground mining technician. The Vocational School offers the following trade certificates: a locksmith, an electrician, an electronics fitter, and a miner.

The school building provides 20 teaching classrooms, six computer labs, multimedia language classrooms, laboratory and a library. Computer workstations with the Internet access are in all classrooms, in the school library and in the auditorium. Workshops rooms are well equipped and students from the vocational school held their internships there.

By providing technical and vocational programs the school equalizes educational opportunities for young people with different intellectual and social abilities. The school offers a wide range of activities. It shapes a mature student with an exemplary moral and social standards. The school motivates its students to achieve realistic personal goals, and to make responsible future decisions. It encourages innovative attitude towards constant improvement of qualifications and supplementing knowledge.




Escola secundária de Emídio Navarro, is a secondary public school, in Viseu, Portugal, and we have have a long tradition as technological school that started its activity in 1898.

Now,the school has about 130 teachers and 1300 pupils, roughly half of them attend professional/vocacional courses (Management, ITC, Mechanics, Electronics, Childhood support, Tourism, Sports…), and the other half the compulsory basic and secondary studies. It has also several basic 7th to 9th gtade and secondary 10th to 12th grade we also have artistic (Music and Dance) classes, 7th to 12th grades, in a partnership with the local Conservatory and a local Dance School Academy.



School Center for Inclusive Education is subordonate both the Scholar Inspectorate and the Ministry of Education. Our school offers educational services for children with SEN both from urban and rural. In pur school work 120 teachers specialized in Special psyhopedagogy and School Counseling.

There are 1000 pupils in pur institution, as: 200 pupils in pre-primary/ primary/secondary and vocational in the special school and education at home for homebound students. 800 pupils with SEN integrated in urban and rural mass education. 65% of them benefir of social protection because they have no family, and 35% of them come from families

Our school is equipped with:

-5 cabinete to treat speech disorders therapy;

-2 psyhodiagnosis and counseling cabinets;

-2 kinetotherapy cabinets;

-2 informatics cabinets;

-2 libraries;

-3 pre professionalization cabinets;

-1 greenhouse for occupational therapy;

-1 room for sport games and a sport room equipped for general physical development;

-2 outdoor sport fields;

- 1 ludotherapy hall;

In the 2015-2016 scholar year we initiated an workshop in our school, With Montessori techniques for children in pre scholar and scholar education, and we noticed a pozitive impact on the child in the process of recovery. We note that this metode we user both for children with disorders in autism/ADHD/ Down Syndrome/Williams Syndrome and for the children with mentally deficiencies of medium level. In the same time, we made a lot of materială according to Montessori principle, including sensory books.


-POS-DRU named CES PET for children with SEN;

- COMENIUS named Care, Act and Respect for Earth it aimed formation of skills;

- ERASMUS project named Ask Parents - All Special Kids- it aimed training for Parents of children with disabilities;

- International symposium with theme *Your Support Today Help Me To Become Independent Tomorrow;

- Ecopictura - it aimed the development of pozitiv e feelings of the children for nature using art education;

- I am a child as you are- it aimed that the children with SEN to socialise;

Educațional services for young people with special educational needs and their families, through events organized by the school and the community;

- Foreign funded project;

- Integrated Education- alternative to integrate children with severe disabilities;

- Integrated Education- integration of the children with SEN in the mass education;

- Educațional and Vocational Guidance- in collaboration with the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Braila;

- THE THERAPY USING THEATRE- in partnership with the Drama Theatre Maria Filotti Braila; Experience in international projects:


- ASK PARENTS –ALL SPECIAL KIDS, Erasmus Plus –KA2 , through ERASMUS Plus K A2 programe boeing partners with Karsiyaka Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu Izmir no 2015-1-TR01-KA204-022424;

-Integration of SEN children through fun activities, Erasmus Plus -Ka1 in School Center for Inclusive Education (01.09.2017-30.10.2018) For communication / media / vocational training / identification new partners use E-Twinning / EPAL / Education Gateway The School.